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  • Daily Mail - Acupuncture 'doubles the chances of getting pregnant through IVF'
    - Over 46 per cent of women undergoing acupuncture treatment conceived
    - While only 21.7 per cent of the women became pregnant in the other group
    - Treatment may be offered as a possible method of improving IVF outcome
    - Expert says it may only work due to patient spending time with practitioner

  • NZ Herald - Life support shut down, then crash victim gets better!
    Crash victim Kimberly McNeill was battling her way back to health in January 2011, just weeks after doctors turned off her life support, saying the teenager had no hope of recovery.

    The Havelock North 18-year-old was in hospital a month after her car smashed into a power pole the previous month, but her condition improved from serious to stable.

    Kimberly's parents, who practise acupuncture in Hawkes Bay, had contacted experts to give her herbal and acupuncture treatments.

    Her programme of physiotherapy and speech therapy would be enhanced with acupuncture, Chinese herbs and homeopathy.

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