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Patient feedback
I came for acupuncture because I had severe foot sprain.
"The Xray showed that there were no broken bones in my foot, but I had bad spraining.

This is what brought me to Connie, who in a crisis was approached at random.

Over a six month period this is what transpired, and it was not just a by-now forgotten sprained foot .. .. ."

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- Alison Mildon, 9 Jun 2017

Intense migraine headaches, and postnatal depression
I would highly recommend Connie to anyone without any hesitation.
"I had been suffering from intense migraines for nearly 3 years.

They were lasting around 10 days with only 3-5 days in between each one. With two pre-schoolers to manage I decided I needed to do something other than constant pain killers which were no longer working anyway.

I first saw Connie in the middle of a migraine."

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- Mother of 2, age 33, Palmerston North, 24 Nov 2016

Vertebrae - Neck pain
Through a chance meeting I met a man who suggested I should try 'Renew clinic'
"I'll try to abbreviate what for me has been quite a journey.

7 to 8 years ago I was looking down the barrel of an horrific (for me) operation to fuse two vertebrae in my neck. Through a chance meeting I met a man who suggested I should try 'Renew clinic' and their truly unique approach to applying acupuncture directly to damaged tissue."

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- Ray Davey, Alexandra, 20 Sep 2016

Alcohol addiction withdrawal and injury recovery
I'm ecstatic about how much she has helped me
"I am a 25 year old female; I started treatment with Connie targeting acute areas of pain a few months ago.I broke a few bones about a year and a half ago including my pelvis, arms and shoulder, leaving me debilitated."

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- Maryam Khan , Palmerston North, 7 Jun 2016

Sport injuries and aging
I needed to change my life and get help with my body maintenance and to keep me healthy
"When I became an acupuncture client at Renew Health, it was part of a long journey I had been on to find a way of maintaining good health.

I came to acupuncture treatment after being involved in other treatments which helped me initially, but were never sustaining.

My various problems began in my sporting days as a young twenty something with a dislocated shoulder and a damaged knee. Then in my forties I had a minor accident which damaged my tail bone leading to on-going back problems. "

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- Billie Chote, Ashhurst, 18 May 2015

Shin splints & sports injury
I highly recommend Connie and her specialised approach for sports people.
"I started seeing Connie to help alleviate pain from shin splints that I have had since I was 13years old.

In 2013/2014, this injury was inhibiting my run training as part of competing in elite triathlon races in New Zealand and abroad."

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- Hamish Hammond, 24year old, student and NZ representative triathlete, 15 Dec 2014

Back, neck & shoulder pain
I had my doubts but was willing to give anything a go.
"I'm a 25 year old female, and have had chronic back, neck and shoulder pain for over 2 years, so much so that it was affecting my everyday life and I couldn't sit still, even for 5mins.

Everything from my job, physical activity .. .. I couldn't even go to dinner with friends without being in a lot of discomfort throughout the meal. I have always been active and physical, and exercised regularly, but the pain was even starting to affect that."

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- Charlotte, Palmerston North, 28 Aug 2014

I wonder if people think about trying acupuncture.
"At the end of March I suffered a severe attack of Vertigo that did not want to go away or improve."

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- Glenda Udy, Palmerston North, 16 Jul 2014

Autoimmune disease
I met this amazing lady called Connie Wang
"I have suffered from an Autoimmune disease called Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE).

It attacks the organs of the body and you suffer many things such as extreme fatigue and pain, arthiritis etc. It inflames the organs heart, liver, kidneys etc.

This is an extremely dangerous disease."

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- Trieste Te Awe Awe, Palmerston North, 13 Dec 2013

Chest pain, respiratory & headaches
Life became debilitating as I was often unable to work or function for weeks at a time
"While working on the chain at the freezing works I experienced my first attack of which, at the time, I mistook for asthma (which I had as a child) - shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle fatigue and weakness. The problem worsened over time till I had to give up work."

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- Jack Hartstone, Woodville, 20 Jun 2013

Lower back pain
This has been about me being cured, but the reality to me is that without Connie I wouldn't be
"Acupuncture. The art of sticking needles into the body.

Our western culture knows the word Acupuncture. Our brains associate it immediately with the act of sticking needles in our bodies. Our brains usually shut the topic down right about then. I am sure mine used to.

But, after 27 years of debilitating lower back pain I was prepared to try anything. One has to have an open mind."

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- John Darby, 25 Mar 2013

Tennis elbow
A friend suggested I try Connie at Renew Health
"I was suffering really bad tennis elbow where I couldn't even swing a hammer. It wasn't responding to anti-inflammatories or physio through my GP."

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- Richard Beard, 27 Nov 2012

Sciatica pain
I went to Connie with painful sciatica
"I sought relief from painful sciatica. I needed to sleep better, and walk better.

Connie is always professional. I am very satisfied with the outcome."

- Jeanne, Feilding, 9 Aug 2012

Neck, shoulder and upper back
Trying to get sleep was a nightmare
"In late 2000 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which was later re-diagnosed as Acromioclavicular Arthritis et seq Subacromial impingement & Capsulitis. Whatever condition I had, I was severely restricted in the type of activities I could undertake that involved neck, shoulder and upper back activities.

Trying to get sleep was a nightmare. Despite visits to a number of specialists no cure was prescribed except painkillers. I was at "Wits End" and decided to try acupunture."

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- John & Reina Treanor, Rotorua, 5 Jul 2012

Sciatica and back pain
I had to give up running and some days could barely walk
"I was a late starter to sport but always kept fit with walking and aerobics. I needed to learn to run to achieve fitness levels for a new career, but along the way my progress stalled due to sciatica."

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- Shirley Fotheringham, Feilding, 10 Apr 2012

Running, sport injuries
Approachable with a professional but caring attitude
"After a number of years of doing little running, I attempted to get back some of my old fitness, but continued to have injuries recurring very regularly over the next few years each time I thought I might be coming right.

On the point of giving up I decided to try acupuncture with Connie Wang."

- Michael Hannett, Feilding, 24 Nov 2011

Shoulder, neck and spine injury
I was in a lot of pain and saw the doctor who suggested acupuncture
"I am a 15-year old. I like to play Badminton non-stop and have fun.

One day as I was biking home from school and had just hit a busy intersection going down Princess Street when the back wheel of my bike decided to fall off, causing me to do a series of jumps and dodges in an attempt not to be hit by on-coming traffic.

This resulted in my right shoulder being injured and my neck down to lower spine was tight and uncomfortable."

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- Joseph Wilson, Palmerston North, 24 Sep 2011

Pain in feet - injury - Plantar Fasciitis
Someone suggested I try acupuncture
"I suffered badly from Plantar Fasciitis in both of my feet. The pain was quiet severe - some days I couldn't even walk.

Someone suggested I try acupuncture. I booked in to see Connie at the Wang & Ouyang Acupuncture clinic (now known as RenewHealth)."

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- Tania McKay, Palmerston North

Chronic knee problem - patellar tendonitis
I had tried everything I knew
"I am a personal trainer and nutritionist and have developed a chronic knee problem (patellar tendonitis) for 18months.

I had tried everything I knew - rehabilitation exercises, herbal remedies and rubs, massage, diet therapy, and rest - even seeking the advice of other professionals - doctor, physio, and massage but nothing worked."

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- Andrew Penwarden, Palmerston North

On-going back and hip pain
I had never tried acupuncture before
"I contacted Connie in April in desperation when on-going back and hip pain had become unbearable.

I had never tried acupuncture before and was not sure what to expect. I met with Connie for the initial appointment where she listened to symptoms, asked me more questions about my health and explained to me how acupuncture could help."

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- Peter B, Lower Hutt

Neck pain, arthritis
Osteo arthritis was becoming a big problem
"I first came to Connie Wang rather reluctantly, on the advice of a Levin Chiropractor, Julian White. He had been treating me for some years for a chronic neck problem.

He had already told me to seek acupuncture, which I had done but without success, so when he recommended Connie Wang, I did not hold out much hope."

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- Peter Malcolm, Otaki

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